ANU Offers Laptop Computer to New Students at No Additional Cost

ANU Offers Laptop Computer to New Students at No Additional Cost

American National University will now make available laptop computers to all new students beginning with the term starting April 19, 2020, at no cost to the student.

Provision of laptops to new students will allow them to begin their educational program unhindered by the lack of availability of a computer and software to access their classes through the videoconferencing software Zoom and the Canvas course management system. The institution will make every effort to deliver to the students the necessary equipment so that they will have it in sufficient time to become familiar before classes begin. If students have completed all academic and financial application processes, the fully functional laptops with cameras and audio communications components will be forwarded directly from the vendor to the students approximately one week before the start of the student’s classes. During the online orientation process, student service center personnel from the University will work with each student to implement familiarization training.

Unlike other institutions, American National University is not simply delivering programs in an online format. The institution delivers its academic programs in a High-Tech and High-Touch fashion. The Zoom video environment includes real-time classroom interaction with other students and the professors, and mirrors the classroom experience and personal attention that American National University has provided for nearly 135 years.

Global MeetGlobal Teach, and Global Learn are three distinctive concepts which are embodied in the University’s High Tech and High Touch approach to meeting the intensive educational needs of the 21st-century. Through this approach, students learn not only from the textbooks and professor but also from the diverse opinions, backgrounds, and knowledge of students from across a wide geographic area.

Contact us today or call 888.956.2732 to learn how we can make ANU’s distinctive education available to you – and receive a laptop computer to assist you in your studies at no cost.

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