We Bring Our University To You


Pursue Your Degree at an American University.

If you wish to study at an American University, American National University (ANU) is a great fit for international students. We look forward to joining you at the start of your new adventure in America. ANU has welcomed students from over 100 countries who have embarked on new futures through undergraduate and graduate programs at ANU.

Coming to America may seem like a big change – but ANU has a friendly staff ready to help you adjust to the University and the surrounding areas – providing social and cultural activities, answering questions, and giving advice for whatever you need.

Why American National University?
  • Academic programs offered on-campus, online, and hybrid style.
  • Acceptance of transfer credits (up to 50% for Graduate level students).
  • Curriculum Practical Training allows students to work up to 40 hours a week for 1 year without affecting OPT (Optional Practical Training).
  • Part–time CPT also an option for entire academic programs.
  • No health insurance required.
  • No hidden fees
  • Books included as part of tuition and fees for on–campus and hybrid class
Term Structure

Instead of traditional semesters, American National University offers 5 terms a year to help students complete their studies and start their career within a shorter period of time. A term consists of 10 weeks of classes followed by a one week break.

Upcoming term start dates are as follows:

Academic – Study in the US

Academic – Online

Major Announcement

The following programs are now approved at our Louisville, Ky campus for non–immigrant alien students and currently offered by American National University.